If you are looking to start a career in Investment Banking this is the best place to begin! AXIA views the development of the next generation of professionals as a critical task, with a twofold benefit, both for the future growth of AXIA and in terms of corporate social responsibility. AXIA’s internships are designed to get you quickly acquainted with the realities of investment banking, through a vigorous programme with high levels of exposure, led by experienced professionals. We offer internship opportunities in all our geographies, across all the divisions of AXIA.

To explore the internship opportunity that suits you best, start by selecting from the below, based on the description that characterizes you more accurately!

Investment Banking

Detailed to the last drop
Unboundedly dedicated
Put your career first
Wall Street dreamer

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  • See the bigger picture
  • Meticulous, curious and deep digger
  • Excel junky
  • Daily passionate news follower
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Group Operations

  • Desire for excellence and detail
  • Ability to deliver and meet deadlines
  • Passion to support
  • Appreciate and thrive on rules and regulations
  • Friend to reporting, filing and keeping things in order
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Capital Markets

  • Number-cruncher
  • Perform on adrenaline
  • Enjoy volatility
  • Ability to process quickly, with multiple triggers
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