As a pioneering investment banking firm, AXIA is primarily characterized by its integrity and commitment towards creating value for its clients as their strategic partner. This commitment and the entrepreneurial ethos of the firm extend to the society as well. At AXIA, we seek to create and return value by supporting initiatives that promote social contribution and sports. These causes, although seemingly diverse, share a common basis: they all recognize the extraordinary performance of individuals who strive either through personal or collective efforts to achieve a higher target or to create a better future for those in need. In this section, you can learn more about the causes, actions and events supported by AXIA.

img_0386-1The AXIA Internship Program is an executive development program specifically tailored to the circumstances of young professionals who aspire to understand how a dynamic Investment Bank operates and ultimately embark on a career in the industry. The Program is built on rigorous entry standards that recognize academic excellence and quality of character and aims to provide ambitious professionals with career skills that will prove to be invaluable in the financial services sector. The AXIA Internship Program offers multiple positions across AXIA’s global offices under three distinct disciplines, namely Investment Banking, Equity Research and Capital Markets.

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sail-2The activities of our firm are intrinsically aligned with social development and prosperity. For this reason, we invest in initiatives that contribute to the improvement of the everyday lives of socially sensitive groups and the society at large.

This commitment stems from the sense of responsibility that lies in the core of our philosophy and fundamental values.

Over the course of the years, AXIA has supported the following causes and foundations:

The Hellenic Initiative, an international, nonprofit institution whose vision is to mobilize the Greek diaspora and philhellene community abroad to invest in the future of Greece through programs focused on recession relief, entrepreneurship and economic development.

The Pancyprian Association of Cancer Patients and Friends (PASYKAF), a volunteer, nonprofit, philanthropic organization that offers professional health services and assistance to cancer patients, as well as prevention programs.

HOPEgenesis, a nonprofit organization in the field of medicine that addresses the issue of low birth rates in Greece and whose primary mission is to provide comprehensive medical care and treatment for women living in isolated islands and remote areas in Greece.

Action Finance Initiative, a nonprofit organization formed at the end of 2013 as a cooperation of Action Aid Hellas and the French microfinance organization ADIE. Its mission is to fight unemployment by helping individuals and small companies formulate and fund their business ideas through microloans. AFI’s first loan was funded in early 2015.

sail-4The Hellenic Hope, an organization, whose mission is to support children in danger by assisting nonprofit organizations, which operate in socio-economically deprived areas in Greece. Via Hellenic Hope, AXIA has supported the following nonprofit organizations:

• “Friends of the Children” an organization supporting 270 families in need.

• “One Child, One World” a non-profit organization primarily supporting immigrant families that permanently reside in the country.

• “Konstantinou and Tarsis Mimikopoulos Foundation“, a foundation supporting about 185 families and 514 kids that reside in the area of Amarousion.

Sotiria Thoracic Diseases Hospital of Athens, is the largest General Hospital in Greece and one of the largest in Europe with specialty in pulmonology and lung cancer. Sotiria was at the forefront of the pandemic during the breakout of COVID-19 facing many challenges and shortages. In 2020 and 2021, instead of sending Christmas gifts, we decided to support the ones in need by donating indispensable medical equipment and consumables.

Megisti, known as Kastellorizo is the eastern most point of Greece. We wanted to support the local community and specially the school to empower the few young students living on the island, so we purchased and donated brand new IT equipment and supplies.

AXIA, as a social partner, will continue to actively support and engage in social initiatives that create value and a better future for those in need.


axiareforestationΟver 18km² of lush forest were burnt during a fierce fire that tore through the Troodos mountains in Cyprus in the summer of 2016. After extinguishing the fire, the Cypriot Forest Department prepared a comprehensive action plan so as to bring life back to the forest. Within this plan, AXIA took the initiative to participate in the reforestation efforts with more than 35 employees, including families and friends, helping the Forest Department make the forest green again. The diary marked Saturday, 12th of November 2016 when AXIA’s team planted more than 100 pine trees, golden oaks, sycamore trees and maple trees, strongly passing the message that, while many years are required to restore a forest after a destructive fire, just a little help from all of us can go a long way!


In August 2021, Greece suffered from devastating wildfires that destroyed thousands of acres of forest and hundreds of homes.

As an action of immediate response at that time, AXIA proceeded with a monetary donation to two volunteer firefighter groups; SEAD in order to repair damages caused by fire to their vehicles, pumps and hoses, as well as EDDD for the purchase of personal protection equipment (i.e. helmets, gloves and firefighter belts).

October 1st marked the beginning of the tree planting season and AXIA decided to take a step further. We organized a Tree Planting Initiative on Saturday October 9th in cooperation with We4all, a non-profit environmental organization that was created to help Earth heal itself and had planted more than 60,000 trees to date.

AXIA employees, friends and families got together for a beautiful day in nature to plant some trees, to plant life! With the invaluable help of United Overseas Group and Prime Marine we managed to raise funds that translated to 3,000 trees to be planted at an area in Fyli that got burnt during the devastating wildfires in August. AXIA got recognized by We4all as Earth Protector for its contribution towards their mission to remind people that Earth is our home.

We could not be prouder of that day!

giota movement1Chroachym, a solo show by Chrysanthi Koumianaki, is the first body of work to be supported by AXIA through a new fund initiated by the contemporary arts non-profit locus athens.

The fund was initiated in 2016 by locus athens ( in order to address the difficulties Greek artists had in producing new work in the current economic climate in comparison to their international counterparts. The fund’s mission is to nurture emerging Greek and Cypriot contemporary artists by annually selecting one artist and by supporting the production of new work by them for a solo or group exhibition with the aim of receiving international coverage.

5aThis year’s selection, Chrysanthi Koumianaki, has produced a new work based on long term research on Mentis, a small scale brocade factory. In dialogue with the people who work in the factory and their machines, Koumianaki has developed a new body of work that will be presented in situ. Mentis, now both a museum space and a token producer of past glories, provides the starting point for an intricate thread of thought weaving inwards and outwards, producing new connections, multiple languages and alternate meanings.

AXIA Running Team

Every second Sunday of November, one of Greece’s most renowned sport, cultural and tourism events takes place at its natural birthplace, the “Athens Marathon – The Authentic”! In line with our CSR strategy to support sports, we have created the AXIA Running Team, a group comprised of AXIA employees, family members, friends and clients who very enthusiastically get together to run for worthwhile causes!


img_0386-1In 2018, the AXIA Running Team participated in the Athens Marathon for the third year in a row, in support of HOPEgenesis, a non-profit organization active in the field of medicine and social welfare that addresses the issue of the low birth rate in Greece. HOPEgenesis NPO’s vision is to reverse the birth deficit and the main objective is to provide free medical care and treatment to women who are pregnant and live in remote rural areas or isolated islands in Greece. With a large number of AXIA participants, four of which ran the full 42 kilometre original route, AXIA raised funds through a crowdfunding platform that was especially created to collect donations in support of HOPEgenesis.

img_0386-1The year before that, in 2017, AXIA’s Running Team participated in the Athens Marathon again in support of HOPEgenesis. Through a series of events at AXIA’s offices in New York and Athens, including the donation of a day’s trading proceeds, AXIA managed to raise $46,345.50 for this great cause which were handed over to HOPEgenesis’ committee in a ceremony that took place at AXIA’s Athens office a few days after the race.

img_0386-1In 2016, when AXIA’s Running Team was founded and entered the race for the first time, we motivated the society towards contributing to what we like to call “the future of our world”, the children. At the time, we decided to help one of the oldest and most well-known childcare centers in Greece, Chatzikyriakeio Childcare Institution. We proudly gathered at the entrance of Zappeion Mansion on the Sunday of the Athens Marathon to add just a little bit to what the committee of the Chatzikyriakeio successfully does over the past 128 years; help children!

Every year our participation at the Athens Marathon expands! The AXIA Running Team will keep on growing and running for a GOOD cause!

img_0386-1AXIA Sailing Team

AXIA’s passion for team work and its persistence for the achievement of the common goal are reflected upon the initiatives sponsored by our firm in the realm of sports.

The AXIA Sailing Team participated in the 5th Spetses Classic Yacht Race that took place in June 2015 with three crews and boats (Aello, Alexandra X and Cassiopeia).This year’s addition was the magnificent 125 ft long Aello with a 6.1m beam gaff-rigged schooner, that was built back in 1921 by Max Oertz for Antonis Benakis, founder of the Yacht Club of Greece. Alexandra X, a 5m lateen built on the island of Syros, was awarded the Spirit of Chivalry Chivas Honour Award, while Cassiopeia was awarded 3rd place in the classic boats division.

Spetses Classic Yacht Regatta 2015.An AXIA-sponsored Sailing Team consisting of two crews and boats (Alexandra X and Cassiopeia) participated in the 4th Spetses Classic Yacht Race that took place in June 2014. For the first time in the Spetses Classic Yacht Race’s history, traditional caique boats participated in the race together with classic sailing boats.

sail3The sponsorship of the AXIA Sailing Team is perfectly aligned with the company’s core values. The AXIA sailing team’s drive, passion, persistence and focus towards goals achievement mirror AXIA’s excellence and commitment to relentlessly offer high quality services to its clients.


Acropolis Rally

In 2013, AXIA showcased its commitment and support to sports by proudly sponsoring the Athanassoulas Greek champion Rally Team at the Acropolis Rally.

rally-2 rally-1