Thanos Adamantopoulos

Thanos Adamantopoulos currently holds the position of Managing Director of AXIA’s Capital Markets Division and is Head of Client Coverage. Thanos initially joined AXIA as an Advisor in September 2012 and in January 2014 joined full time, as Executive Director in the Equity Capital Markets Division. Prior to AXIA Thanos spent four years as a Director at Citi's Emerging Markets Equity Desk in London, where he was responsible for the clients' and prop trading in Greece, Cyprus and Romania. Prior to Citi, Thanos worked for six years at Piraeus Brokerage as a Sales Trader, exclusively covering foreign institutional investors, while previously he spent four years with Alpha Finance as a Sales Trader covering foreign and domestic institutional investors. Thanos holds an MSc from the University of York in Project Analysis, Finance and Investments, and a BSc in Business Administration, with a major in Marketing Management from the American College of Greece.